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How do I choose a database?


The GALILEO system provides access to many databases, both general sources covering a wide range of topics and sources focused on a single subject, academic discipline, or format.

From the GALILEO home page, there are several ways to find databases:

Databases A-Z Tab

The Databases A-Z tab offers three ways to find a database quickly:

  • Choose “All databases” to display an alphabetical list of all the databases available to you through GALILEO.
  • Select a letter to view a list of databases beginning with that letter.
  • You can also search for the database by name or keyword by entering your term into the search box and clicking “Find Database.”

Browse by Subject Tab

Click a subject link to display its subcategories. Choose the subcategory that best matches your topic. The “Articles and Databases” subtab displays a list of databases for the topic area with suggestions for ones to try first.

Browse by Type Tab

Select the “Browse by Type” tab to see databases that include a particular format, such as newspapers, images, or library catalogs. Select the format that matches your needs to see a list of databases that include that format.
Please note that some titles are not particularly descriptive of the database contents. For example, while the title “Consumer Health Complete” clearly conveys that consumer health information is the focus for the database, the title “¬°Informe!” doesn’t convey that it is a database of Spanish-language magazines. Click the Search tab to find articles in databases covering almost all topics.

When viewing lists of databases, click the “more >>” link beside the name of the database for detailed information on what topics and what types of information are included in the database.

Check with a reference librarian at your library for further recommendations on appropriate sources (electronic and/or print) to help you find the information you need.


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