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How do I find books or journals in a library?


In addition to online resources in GALILEO, the GALILEO system provides several options for determining if specific libraries own copies of particular books and serial publications (magazines, journals, newspapers, and other publications). If a journal or book is not available online, your library offers options for getting the article or text by other means.

Find It Links

When you are searching in GALILEO databases, you may see articles in your results list that do not have links to PDF or HTML full-text articles but do have “Find It @ GALILEO” or Find It @ (your library) icons. Clicking on an icon opens a services menu that links to those databases that do include the article online; however, if the article is not available online through GALILEO, you will see other options. Other options may include searching your library catalog to see if the publication is available in print in the library or the option to request the article through interlibrary loan.

Journals A-Z or Magazines A-Z

Journals A-Z (or Magazines A-Z in the Library interface) is a search feature for locating specific titles or journals, magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals. Clicking on a title in a results list opens a services menu that links to those databases that do include the journal online; however, you will also see options to find the journal in print.

Library Catalogs

The most complete and up-to-date authority on what a library owns is always that library’s catalog.


A database of library holdings worldwide, WorldCat includes more than a million records of publications of all kinds (published anywhere in the world, at any time, and in most languages). Libraries contribute data about what they own to the OCLC organization (Online Computer Library Catalog) that produces this database.

The “Display Locations” Feature in GALILEO Databases

In some databases in GALILEO, there are links for “Display Locations” when an article or citation is displayed. Follow that link to display a list of libraries that have reported owning that particular publication. NOTE: If the “Article Text” link or icon appears, there is usually no need to use the “Display Locations” button, since online access to the complete article is provided.

When viewing any GALILEO menu, click the “more” link for detailed information on what topics and types of publications a database includes, what span of years are covered, and how often it is updated.

Check with the reference librarians at your library for further recommendations on appropriate sources (electronic and/or print) to help you find the information you need.


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