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GALILEO E-mail List

The GALILEO e-mail list is an open list meant to serve as a means of communication for topics concerning all or significant portions of the GALILEO community. The amount of list traffic can vary.

Typically, the GALILEO staff uses this list to post announcements about issues affecting the GALILEO system or to disseminate information that is important to GALILEO users. However, subscribers are welcome to post messages containing GALILEO-related information that may be of interest to others on the list. As an open list, anyone is permitted to subscribe. Posting non-GALILEO-related or commercial information may result in suspension of posting privileges.

Regular announcements about problems affecting the GALILEO system are also posted on the GALILEO Announcements Page and RSS feed.

Regular announcements about changes or news affecting GALILEO resources or the GALILEO community are also posted to the GALILEO Planet News Page and RSS feed.

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Use the Contact Us form or e-mail ITS Customer Services ( to report problems affecting GALILEO access at your institution. Using these methods ensures that problems are tracked and resolved.